Mihaela Ciupei’s life story is a simple one. Her grandfather was a tailor, so Mihaela tailored her first cloths under his guidance. At 13 she received as a gift an old sewing machine from an aunt.

The future Moontess designer loved making clothes so much, that she even wanted to leave highschool to dedicate all her time in learning more about it. At that point her father promised her a new sewing machine just to make sure she graduates. So Mihaela obtained a new sewing machine as soon as she graduated highschool!

1998 – she enrolled at the Public School of Arts in the Fashion Design classes

1999 – Mihaela started working at East Company as a seamstress. In time, she  learned how to use special sewing machines, to construct and pattern swimming suits and lingerie for Chiarugi, Emilio Pucci, Guess.

2001 – at the Public School of Arts graduation Fashion Show, Mihaela impressed the East Company management with her designs. She was promoted and soon became a designer for David Corral – the company brand that was sold in Romania.

2002 – Mihaela was sent in Italy for training. She had the opportunity to attend designers meetings, fitting sesions. Soon after she was a freelance designer for the Romanian market.

During all this period, she tailored at home for private customers. Designing and making clothes were both her job and her hobby.

2003 – she decided to come to USA, work and gather up money for opening a store.

2005 – Mihaela enrolled at The Art Institute of Portland, where she also did some tutoring for the sewing classes and lab assistant to help students sew with the industrial machines.

2010 – Mihaela graduated from The Art Institute of Portland. At the graduation Fashion Show, a reprezentative from a fashion events production company noticed her. A series of fashion events started for Moontess, amongst which it is worth mentioning the Portland Fashion Week in October

2011 – the collection „Colours of Rocks”, inspired by the texture and colours of the Grand Canyon, was first presented in Better Living Show , in March 2011. Made from silk and…… chromedyed pigskin, it is organic and now available also in the Moontess Store opened in Portland!